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What’s Your WHY for Organizing?

I wish my house could have some order.”

“All I want is to have a more organized house and not all this stuff everywhere!”

“How do I keep an organized home with kids?”

I am asked many questions and comments when it comes to the ‘HOW’ behind home organization, but do you want to know what my favorite response is when asked these questions? …

It’s “Why?”

“Why do you want to have more order in your home?” “Why do you want a more organized home?” “Why do you think you have too much stuff?” “Why do you think kids make organizing more challenging?”

Then I love to ask “Why do you think living more organized will make you happier?” “Why would having more order in your home make life better?”

My inquires often result in puzzled looks from my clients. Confused, they’ll respond, “Well, isn’t that what we should all want? A more organized home?” or “What do you mean why? Isn’t it obvious that an orderly home is better?” But then I respond with, “Well, does it? How will organization be better? Will having an organized home really bring you happiness?”

I am someone who believes that no amount of order and organization in your home brings ALL the happiness you seek. Don’t get me wrong, there are many amazing benefits and joy that comes from creating and maintaining an organized home. I could go on and on about all the benefits organization brings, but I also believe that organization itself is not necessarily the solution for happiness in your home and personal life. Many, including myself many years ago, disillusion themselves into thinking that if our home was more organized, bigger, better or whatever else desired, would directly result in our personal happiness.

But that, my friend is simply not true.

When I created the Simply Home Online Organization Program, I wanted to make sure that my program not only taught all the tools, skills and resources people would need to create an organized home, but wanted my program to teach the true core to long-lasting change in our homes.

The way we sustain life-long home organization has less to do with the physical ‘action’ of organization and more to do with the habits we are creating through a new way of thinking.

Or in simpler terms, LESS about the HOW WE ORGANIZE and MORE about the WHY WE ORGANIZE.

It’s like I always say, “Home Organization has little to do with all the STUFF, and everything to do with YOU.”

It’s not about all the stuff, your home’s storage space, your busy schedule, how many kids you have, your spouse’s habits, or the amount of time you have. The core of lasting home organization is YOU.

You and the way you think is the real solution.

Did you know that your thinking has a direct effect to your actions and ultimately your results?

While we may think that getting rid of clutter, buying more storage containers, labeling items better or installing more shelves will organize our homes and make our lives better and happier, the truth is doing those things will only bring temporary satisfaction. A shelf, label or extra closet space will not organize your house for you. More storage space or containers does not equate to lasting home organization.

I want you to think for a moment about how many times have you organized your pantry, clothing closet or cupboards? How many yard sales, if any, have you put on or attended? How often have you gone to the store to buy more containers and bins to store more of your things?

While there’s nothing wrong with doing any of those things, my goal, as a home organizer is to teach people how to create change within their thinking by creating organizational habits that they can sustain long-term to achieve the results they want. When you learn that the core to true change is you and apply the tools I give you to maintain those new habits your whole life; you no longer will revert back to repeatedly re-organizing your spaces, putting on yard sales or buying more storage containers.

I teach people how to discover their own ‘WHY’ for organizing their homes and personal lives.

This is why my Simply Home Organization Program works! It takes people who are ready to make real, lasting change and helps them become improved versions of themselves through learning and applying key tools to create better habits and sustain consistency.

This is also why I claim that home organization can last. You only need to organize your home ONCE to keep it that way forever, without rebounding and building up more clutter.

When YOU change, your home changes.

I have found many who try to organize for the wrong reasons, whether pressure or expectation of others, societal norms or desperation. When the WHY behind making change isn’t because YOU are ready to create it for yourself, then unfortunately, the changes will not last long-term. If you’re not willing to change and sustain your new habits, then clutter and old habits will creep back into your home and life again.

Happiness in home organization is completely possible and will come, but it’s not because you have a home worthy of organizational praise. It’s because YOU have created true happiness for yourself by your new way of thinking and the consistent actions you take each and every day.

This is what true success in life looks like and why I love teaching others how to create an even better version of themselves.

So, ask yourself, “What’s your Why for Organizing?”

If you are ready to create true change for yourself and your home life, then sign up for my program here at

Let’s do this!



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