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Get it OFF the Floor!

Today, I’ll share one of my favorite rules…

 Get items Up and OFF the Floor!

There’s several reasons for this.

1) Items stored on the floor are more prone to clutter and disarray. 2) Items on the floor can get damaged and dirty. 3) Items stored on the ground take up valuable space. 4) Items on the floor are harder to see and maintain.

Whether it’s a garage, pantry, mudroom or master closet, using utility shelving, dressers, wall hangers, furniture or built in shelves help get items up and off the floor, keeps items maintained better and uses the space wisely.

Take a look below at how adding some utility shelves and getting items off the floor transformed this client’s garage!

Garage BEFOREGet it up and off the ground. Let’s go!

– Katie

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