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Top 3 Favorite Containers

When it comes to buying containers, there are so many options, it can feel extremely overwhelming.

So, let me help you out and share my 3 favorite multi-purpose containers!

Fav Multi-Purpose Containers

*Look at the photos below for reference.

#1 Translucent Multi-Purpose Bin These containers are amazing! They come in a variety of sizes and can be used in any space. I’ve used them in garages, pantries, bathrooms, laundry rooms and hallway closets. They’re perfect for snack foods, cleaning products, magazines, bathroom medicines, garage tools, and anything else you can imagine.

#2 White or Clear Bins with Handles I love these containers, because they can hold so much! They are lightweight. They can be stored sideways and still look fantastic with their open handles. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, but my go-to’s are white or clear in medium or large sizes. My fav places to use these containers are in pantries, clothing closets, linen closets, bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms. 

#3 Large Water Hyacinth Bin If you are looking for some texture, warmth and contrast with your clear and white containers, you can’t go wrong with these water hyacinth bins. They come in either a mocha or natural color, and are lovely to look at and use. They add the perfect contrast to any space and also come in medium, large or extra large sizes. I typically use the large size and use them for items like blankets, books, toys, electronics, towels, linens and so much more!

Trust me, with containers like these… Organization won’t just seem easier, it’ll look the part too!



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