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Tips to Organize your Pantry

To show your pantry some extra lovin’

The holidays are over and we’re starting a fresh new year in full swing! There’s no better time to get your pantry in order than right now.

Step by Step Tips for Pantry Organization

1) Take a BEFORE Picture. I promise, you won’t regret it! 2) Clear it ALL Out. Don’t just move stuff around or try to shift items and organize. If you want great results, you need to start with a completely clear canvas. *HINT: Get a few cardboard boxes or large laundry baskets to temporarily store your pantry items while you organize. 3) Sketch out a Rough Plan of what you’d like on each shelf. It’s important to visualize what you’d like to create before placing items back on the shelf. 4) DECLUTTER! This is not just essential, it’s something we continue maintaining even after it’s organized. Toss all unwanted and expired foods. Place all excess bulk food together. 5) Categorize Items in Same/Similar Groupings *HINT: Groupings like pastas/rice, snacks, sauces, baking goods, canned foods, condiments, etc. 6) Place Items in Logical, Convenient Locations *HINT: Daily food items should be at eye level or below. Less used items can be stored up high or down low on shelves…such as your bulk foods. 7) Measure and Shop *HINT: Use that visual sketch to pick out containers that will work well for that space. Woven baskets, lazy susans, open bins, clear containers…so many great options! 8) Container Placement *HINT: Double check where containers are placed so it’s visually appealing and stored logically. 9) Place Items in Containers and make sure it all works 10) Finish Off with Labeling

*HINT: I like to use clear label clips with label stickers, but you can create your own vinyl labels. Heck, even masking tape and a sharpie does the trick!

BONUS: If you don’t want to do any of the above…. give me a shout! I’d be happy to help you. 😉CLICK ME to Watch this Pantry Transform!

Now, go take that AFTER Picture!

Your Pantry thanks you. 



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