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Is this Normal?

Is it normal to have all this chaos in my life? Is it normal to have this much stuff? Is it normal to feel this much frustration about my family’s lack of organization? Is it normal to struggle so much with letting things go?

When we say “Is this normal?” we are unconsciously comparing ourselves, our family, and our circumstances with others or what we mistakenly perceive as “normal”.

But my friend, there is no need to compare.

Comparing with what we think is “normal” doesn’t serve us. It usually only makes us feel worse, behind, or incapable of creating the results we want.

Our brains get stuck on evidence of the past, which is why it’s so significant to push our minds to a future focus and create more empowering thoughts to help motivate us to move forward.

Tidy Tips for Motivational Thinking

1. Instead of comparing our current circumstances with what we think is normal, try to give yourself a more empowering thought like, “I can take action for myself” or “I’m going to____________ each day to create more order in my life.”

2. Don’t focus on the past. Give your attention to your current situation and what you can do about it today and in the future to create the results you’re wanting.

3. Focus on YOU and not others. It’s easy to blame family members or fall trap to comparing with others, but you only have control over you and your actions.

4. Start setting your own personal goals and work on them yourself. It’s best to create daily habits you can stick to first, before trying to implement changes for your whole family.

5. Like I always say, BE KIND TO YOURSELF! New changes take time, effort and a whole lot of patience. Watch your thoughts and work on empowering ways to support your new habits and goals. By doing this, you’ll 10x the results you want!


There’s no such thing as ‘normal’. There’s just you, your life, and what you make of it.

Now go make it even more amazing!

-Katie  Your Simply Home LLC.


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