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It's officially Springtime!

Let's cut to the chase. Spring brings new life and is a fantastic time to get your home, yard, and life refreshed. 

So, lucky you!

Here's a handy-dandy printable below to help you get your indoor and outdoor spring cleaning completed.

You can download and print below.

Remember, it's not a race to complete. 

Just pick a few options you can manage to do each day to give your home and outdoors some extra TLC! 

Spring Cleaning Guide

Click the document below to print your simple spring cleaning guide!

Cream Spring Cleaning Cheklist Illustrated A4 Document
Download PDF • 84KB

1 Comment

Cheri Jenkins
Cheri Jenkins
Apr 02

I LOVE these guides and EVERYTHING you share so generously with us! Thank you for your wisdom, generosity in sharing, and making it doable and fun!

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