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Today is my birthday!

My 7 year old asked me, "Mom, what's your birthday wish?" and I thought of this quote that I recently saw that struck me as truth.

I believe this is a true way of thinking and living. In my quest for living with less, I am discovering that my wants are becoming few. When my desires lessen, my gratitude tends to expand.

The gratitude I feel for the most important things in life is what brings me a deep richness. 

I lessen my desire to acquire or even achieve more, and try to focus my life on what I find matters most in it.

So, to answer my 7 year old's question of "What's my birthday wish?"

Here it is...

It's that I wish for others to experience the peace that comes when living more simply.

When our wants are few, we make ourselves rich!

What a wonderful way to live.


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