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Ready for a Revamp?

Sofa looking sad these days? Accent chairs in need of a pick-me-up? Your living spaces yearning for something fresh?

You don't have to spend a bunch of money to revamp a space. 

All it takes is a few fresh elements and some TLC to transform a room from bland to beautiful.

Check out these few tips that may help!

Space REVAMP Tips

  1. Declutter and Clean: Before adding anything to the space, the best way to start is to get rid of any excess clutter and clean the room up.

  2. Color Change: Simple things like changing up the colors can really pack a punch. Painting an accent wall, adding a new rug, a few accent pillows, and a fresh throw blanket can give your furniture and room a major revamp.

  3. Fix it Up: Using sofa cushion slipcovers, repairing tears with leather tape or fabric, or using a stain pen to touch up chipped tables goes a long way. Give your furniture some love by repairing what you can and properly cleaning your furniture pieces.

  4. Update your Lighting: It's amazing how a space can look completely modernized with a few updated light fixtures, so invest a little money into some lighting that will brighten and enhance your living space. There are many affordable lighting options out there.

  5. Décor and Greenery: Letting go of décor that no longer elevates a room can really help. Simplify the space by creating clear surfaces with a few simple décor pieces and some spots of greenery by using potted plants and flowers.

With just a few small efforts and some creativity, you can give any space a little Tender Loving Care. 

Simple and subtle is always in style. 


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