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The Impact of Family Daily Routines

With the current worldwide circumstances of families being asked to “stay home” to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, many families are faced with uncertainty, huge adjustments and change in their work, home and family life.

Many are having to work from home. Children are adjusting to remote learning forums. People are staying in, with little to no physical interactions with others. Activities, events, vacations, and many plans are having to be postponed or cancelled. Trying to cope with all this change, as well as trying to find that balance we all desire to have between our work, families and responsibilities can be exhausting and, in some ways, too much to handle.

This is when our we must rely on a foundation of structure, consistency and reliance. This is when a dedicated ‘family Daily Routine’ comes into play as one of the most significant forms of structural support to families in desperate need.

A Family Daily Routine is the “foundational schedule your family does day in and day out, no matter what events come and go.”

A daily routine can do more than just lay the foundation for the day; it can bring the peace, comfort and solid footing your family needs to count on during times of uncertainty and disappointment.

Whether you know it or not, most people, including you, follow a basic routine each day. In fact, many do a daily routine without even realizing they’re doing it. It’s what the ‘subconscious mind’ does without you having to really focus on it. Things like getting dressed, brushing your teeth, putting on your makeup, checking your emails, or eating meals are all part of a daily routine you do each day. In fact, you probably do these things around the same time each day without even ‘consciously’ thinking about it.

We do this with our daily family routines too. The times we eat, the things we do, the way to spend our time at home as a family, chores, and naps, are all part of our daily routine, but most of the time our subconscious brain automatically puts it into play each day.

While creating and maintaining a family daily routine is important, what’s even more significant is that our Family Daily Routines are what we want them to be. Meaning, they are things we want our family to do each and every day, no matter what. They hold meaning and significance and we stand true to our routine as a family.

Did you know that research has shown that a consistent family daily routine is one of the most significant components of a happy family life?

That’s right! A consistent family daily routine can make a huge impact to the mood, behaviors and productivity inside the walls of your home.

Are you satisfied with your family’s daily routine? If you’re like most families, you probably would like to improve or adjust your routine.

Here’s a few key things to remember when creating a positive, consistent Family Daily Routine:

  1. It is Not an Event Day Planner

A daily routine does not need to incorporate various events and activities, with dates and times. This is not a day planner; this is a daily routine your family does no matter what events and activities come and go.

  1. Does not Need to be Run by the Clock

And in fact, is discouraged to do so. Time-tables can be stressful for kids and parents when trying to stick with a routine and feeling behind if they’re not “on time.’ It’s good to have a general idea of when you do things, but leave the clock out of it.

  1. It’s Super-Duper Simple

Keeping your daily schedule as basic as possible is best, especially when starting out. Try to incorporate daily meal times, chores, naps, bedtimes and maybe one or two other family necessities, but that’s all you really need. Too often, we over-complicate our daily routines and eventually slip away from our consistency and structure. You can prevent all that by keeping your routine so simple that your family can stick to it no matter what life throws at you.

  1. Try and Try Again

Don’t give up on your Family Daily Routine! Even if it’s an adjustment or certain family members are not on board. Just keep trying and make adjustments and changes to your routine as needed. For some families it takes a few weeks to adjust to a more consistent routine, and that’s okay.

As a side note, there is no right or wrong way to create a successful daily routine for your family. Every family is different and has different needs, desires, schedules and ways of doing things and that’s the beauty of it! Each family will create a unique routine that’s specifically designed for them. Make the routine work for your family! We want lasting routines. Not quick-fixes.

The key is to keep trying and don’t give up on it. You’ll soon discover the incredible impact a consistent family routine can do for you and your family!

A Happy Family Routine = A Happy Family Life. 


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