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How to Organize Shallow Drawers

Organizing shallow drawers

Those shallow drawers that we don’t love so much, because we can’t find containers that will fit in them.

Well, my friends, I’ll share a few of my go-to’s for those dreary drawers that you may just fall in love with.

Tidy Tips for Shallow Drawers  *Look at photos below for reference*

1) Add Drawer Separators

These can be really handy for wide drawers that are shallow in depth, because you can find drawer separators that are low and can use them to customize each individual drawer based on the items you’d like to store.

2) Use Small, Acrylic Containers

Finding small, clear containers that can creativity fit together in your shallow drawer is always a great solution. They can also be moved around to work for what item’s you’ll be storing, as well as come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

3) Find Slotted Dividers

This is a very inexpensive solution for creating more storage in those drawers. By using these pre-slotted dividers, you can move your boards around to fit what you need. They can be cut to size too.

4) Small Tupperware

You’d be surprised how many times I’ve found small Tupperware containers to be the perfect solution for organizing shallow drawers. Repurposing your Tupperware may be the right solution for what you need.

5) Honeycomb Drawer Divider

Something I find so unique and fun are honeycomb shaped drawer dividers. These are not as customizable, but add a way for many small items to have a spot in the drawer. These can also be cut down to size and expandable to fit a variety of drawer sizes.

6) Try Pegboard Drawer Organizers

I have personally never tried this method in a shallow drawer, but I’ve seen enough from others doing it, that I think it’s a fun and very creative way to store items. Heck, you could even make your own custom peg board if your heart desired.

Whatever way you choose to organize your drawers, make sure you measure the depth of your drawer so that your containers or dividers fit properly. Try out a few options to see what you like best.

The most important thing is to minimize what’s being stored, so that items in that drawer are items you really use and want in your home….believe me, you don’t need 100 pens in that drawer!

Shallow drawers are no longer a problem.

With creative options such as these, you’ll find it easy to love shallow drawers again!

-Katie  Owner/Certified Professional Organizer Your Simply Home LLC.


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