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Feeling Your Feelings

I teach organization differently than most out there.

I believe that home organization has more to do with what is going on internally (our mind, thoughts and feelings), then the physical action of organizing itself. The core of lasting home organization has very little to do with physically organizing the spaces around us. That part, in truth, is fairly easy and straightforward. The true, ‘to the core’ kind of change we really want to see in our homes comes from the changes we’re making within ourselves. Changes like creating new ways of thinking, feeling and behaviors to sustain new habits and daily routines. This is why I created a program that stands apart from other organization resources out there. I want to help people make change within themselves and take action to create that change in their homes and daily life.

Change that lasts. Change that helps you create an even better version of you!

To give a glimpse into some of the resources I help Simply Home Members with, I have provided one of my exercises entitled, “Feeling Your Feelings” here. 

Print it off and give it a try!

Notice how internalizing the feelings we are experiencing can drastically change how we feel emotions and react to them. Unknowingly, we are constantly reacting to our feelings. It isn’t until we can recognize and truly feel what emotions we’re experiencing that we can make the changes we want to make and freely choose if we want to continue to feel that feeling or let it go and feel something else.

When feelings arise as we make changes in our lives (such as organizing our homes), we can use this exercise as a way to write down and express what our current feeling feels like, and what actions we take or don’t take when we feel that emotion.  Using this as a tool can help us release that pressure of holding our emotions down and allow them to surface, which ultimately frees us and allows room for real action to take place.

While you may find “feeling your feelings” to be a silly task not worth your time; it may be exactly what keeps you from achieving what you want in life.

People who want to be more organized people have everything within themselves to be such a person and to have the home atmosphere they want, but the change must happen within themselves in order to make the changes they want around them. Any other way will just result in same old habits, clutter and dysfunction.

This is why I teach core solutions, not surface layer ‘to-do’ organization check-lists. Those don’t last.

Believe it or not, We do have power over our feelings. We can always choose what we want to feel.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

I encourage you to do this exercise often and don’t fear the feelings. They can’t hurt you physically, but they can empower you mentally!


PS- May is “Mental Health Awareness” Month, so please share this exercise with a friend who could benefit from it! These tools can be a great benefit to many, so pass it along. Thank you!

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