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Throw as you Go

The Goal is not Organizing. The Goal is Maintaining.

Decluttering and organizing our items are HUGE steps forward in achieving what we want in our homes, but that isn’t the overall goal. 

The goal in long-lasting home organization comes down to daily maintenance.

It is the key to becoming organized and keeping it that way.

One way to sustain lifelong maintenance is to start practicing a “throw as you go” mentality as you move throughout your day.

Simply put, when you come across an item in your home that is broken, expired, not being used or no longer needed; you take the item and can do the following:

1) Throw it in the Trash (Especially if it’s broken or unusable.)

2) Donate it (If it’s in good condition condition, place it in a container to take to a donation center within the next few days.)

Ready for your Tidy Tip for the Week? 

This week, I want you to start applying this “Throw as you Go” Mentality and pay attention to what items you come across in your home that need to be tossed out.

Write down what items you threw out (whether trashed or donated) and use our handy-dandy worksheet *(see below) to keep track of all the items you tossed and donated this week!

This list will help you see how useful this kind of mindset is in helping you let go of items daily. It’s a maintenance tool that helps sustain daily organization and keeps the clutter at bay.

When it comes down to it, organization without daily maintenance is impossible. Daily maintenance is the glue that keeps your home in order for the long-haul.

Like a classic PB&J, you can’t have one without the other. Organization and Maintenance go hand in hand.



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