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My #1 Secret to Home Maintenance

It’s my #1 habit to keeping my home tidy each day, despite the kids, toys and craze of everyday life. It’s what I attribute to lifelong home maintenance.

I call it my home’s daily reset and it’s something I do every single morning.

Much like hitting a reset button on a device, setting our home’s reset button is essentially doing the same thing, giving our home a clean slate before jumping into the day.

Doing this takes away the clutter stack-up from yesterday’s happenings, as well as creates a foundation for easy day to day maintenance.

I’ll take you step by step on what my home reset looks like every morning after my kids leave for school. Since every home is different, use my specific walk-through as an example that will inspire you as you create your own daily reset.

Tidy Tips for Daily Home Reset

1) Top Floor Reset -Beds made -Clothing put away -Anything off floor placed where it goes -Laundry load started or unloaded -Bathroom tidy with quick wipe of counters if needed/restock toilet paper

2) Main Floor Reset -Pillows/throw blankets placed on sofa -Papers thrown away or put in pending tray -Dining chairs tucked into table -Kitchen dishes placed in dishwasher or unload dishwasher -Kitchen counters and dining table quick wipe-down -Playroom pillows and beanbags properly placed -Toys, books, miscellaneous items placed in their containers -Main floor bathroom tidy-up/toilet paper restock 

3) Bottom Floor Reset -Jackets hung -Shoes placed in their spots -Purse/bags hung -Gloves/hats in their proper bins -Mudroom quick sweep if needed -Garage garbage check

This reset list may look like a lot, but it honestly takes me about 20 minutes to do it. Sometimes even less time. When resetting your home every day, you’ll find it not only keeps your home in order, but keeps you in order. Just think of how much time and focus you can dedicate to other things when your home is set for the day too!

Reset your day by learning the art of resetting your home every morning. It really is one of the best ways to keep a tidy home. Give it a try my friend!

-Katie  Your Simply Home LLC.


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