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Dealing with Broken Things

When coming across a broken item, I make a plan to either fix it, investigate or toss it by asking these 3 key questions.

  1. Can it be fixed?

  2. Is it worth fixing?

  3. If it can be fixed, who can fix it and when?

These questions seem simple enough, but they can tell us a lot about the value and purpose of the item in our home.

Sometimes it’s worth fixing and I promptly make a plan to get the item fixed.

Sometimes I look into fixing it, but find that fixing it will cost more time and money than it’s worth.

If it’s not worth fixing, then I toss the item right away.

Tidy Tip of the Week!

1. Spend a few minutes to find broken items in your home.

2. Ask yourself the 3 questions: Can it be fixed? Is it worth fixing? If it can be fixed, who can fix it and when?

3. Make a plan to fix, investigate or toss the item.

Broken items are the easiest to get rid of, yet if not dealt with, create more clutter in our homes.

Broken items need your attention. So, take some action my friend.

Use this helpful resource as you practice a “throw as you go” mentality.Free PDF Printable Here!

Live by a new adage… “If it’s broke, fix it or toss it!” You’ll be surprised what a little fixin’ and tossin’ can do!


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