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When on Vacation

Vacations are good for EVERYONE.

There is something so powerful about taking a break from our daily tasks, cares and to-do’s to be completely stress-free and relaxed.

This vacation has reminded me of the importance of taking a break from it all once in a while.

And no, it doesn’t require jumping on a plane and heading to a tropical island.

It can be as simple as taking a 30 minute mental break in your day. A relaxing walk in your neighborhood. A moment of stillness to meditate. Or even a day off of work to do something fun.

Whatever it is, make sure you find time in your life to just escape for a bit.

Keep the memories and leave all the ‘stuff’ behind. I don’t know anyone who regretted a vacation.

-Katie  Owner/Certified Professional Organizer Your Simply Home LLC.


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