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Treat Your Home like a Store

I was walking through Walmart the other day… in search of a knee compression sleeve for my son.

I thought about where something like that could be. The health-care area….nope. The sporting equipment…nope. By clothing and shoes…nope.

I was about to give up, when lo and behold, I found it. It was on a small shelf tucked away by the hardware section of the store. When an employee saw me and asked if he could help me, I laughed and said, “Who thought a knee compression sleeve belonged in the hardware aisle?”  He responded, “Huh, that’s strange. Doesn’t seem like it makes sense there.”

As we know, most items at a grocery store are located with same or similar categories of items and are usually stored in logical, convenient places for shopping.

When I shop, I can typically find any item I need, because I know the store will most likely store it in a logical place. My experience in search of that knee compression sleeve was a rarity. I was looking for an item that was stored in a place that didn’t make any sense, and because of that, it costs me time and some frustration.

Our homes should be treated much like a store. Items should not only have a ‘home’ but should be located in places that make sense and are fairly convenient for family members to find and maintain.

Tidy Tips for Storing Items 


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