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Tidy Office Product Favs

hello there!

An organized mind makes for an organized life. 

So, let's kick off this new year with some pointers to help get your own self more organized. 

One of the best ways to create more simplicity is to start creating better systems in your own personal office space. 

Below are some of my favorite office products and a few pointers to help keep your office in tip-top shape!

1. Day Planner: A must! Remember, pre-plan your day the night before and try to focus on the day's top 3 priorities.

2. Desk Organizer: A big help for all your office go-to supplies and tools. Keeps items in order and simplified. 

3. File Box: Attractive, easy to maintain, and perfect for your essential files. Great for kids school papers and keepsakes too!

4. Rotation Container for Supplies: Keeps all your office gadgets, pens, markers, and items in order and with the ease of a 360 rotation so you can get what you need with ease. 

PS-You can find many more organization products by following me on Instagram (@yoursimplyhome). Click the "Products" highlight reel!


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