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Tidy Car Tips

Did you know your car misses you?

It misses you driving it around, heading to cool vacation destinations, family road trips, around-the-town errands, and the heavenly car wash!

Your Car needs some LOVE!  I suggest taking your car on a date. 

May sound funny to take your car out on a date, but here’s my 5 TIDY TIPS I do every few weeks to pamper my car with love and appreciation:

  1. Fill it up with Gas Even if it’s not an empty tank, having a car with a full tank fills good.

  1. Take it to the Car Wash for a Deep Clean Go to a car wash that allows you to vacuum the inside of the car and wipe it down with a cleaning cloth. Throw out the trash and do a thorough job. If you have kids, just prepare yourself with what you might find in those back seats. 😉 You can go all-out for the ‘Deluxe’ wash or a basic wash…as long as your car gets a good scrub, that’s what counts!

  1. Add a New Air Freshener  Adding a new air freshener each time you clean your car makes such a difference! Many car washes offer an air freshener for free. My favorite scents are lemon zest and evergreen. They even have ‘brand new car’ scents if you’re wanting that “fresh out of the dealership” smell.

  1. Clean Out the Car Clutter Check all the side door pockets, middle console, dashboard and seat pockets for any clutter that needs to be thrown out or put away. Remember to only keep what you need or love to have in your car, making your car easier to maintain and simple to keep clean.

  1. Add a Clean Garbage Sack  When I get home from our “car date”, I always replace the car’s garbage sack with a new one. It’s typically a grocery bag that I hang off one of the cup-holders. Having a designated garbage in your car helps prevents garbage on the floor or stuffed into crevices we don’t want to deal with later.

Research shows that cars that are washed and cleaned on a regular basis perform better and last longer.

Pretty cool, huh?

While it may seem silly or not worth your time to take 30 minutes out of your day to treat your car with a little kindness…just give it a try!

Let’s treat our cars with some love.

It may surprise you how refreshing a tidy car can be!



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