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The Real Problem with Organization

It’s pretty simple, really.

Get rid of stuff we don’t need. Place items with similar items. Put them in a container, if desired, and store them in a logical location.

So why can’t we stay organized?

There’s two reasons.

1. You still have TOO MUCH STUFF. 2. Your daily maintenance routine isn’t working for your lifestyle.

For today’s tip, we’re going to just focus on #1…Too much stuff!

Organization itself is rarely the issue for why we can’t keep an organized home or lifestyle. When it comes down to it, sometimes we just have too much stuff, and because we have too much, it can take over and we will give up our control over trying to maintain it.

So this week, use some of these tips to help you get rid of all the excess that doesn’t serve you and only keep the items that you need and love.

This Week’s Tidy Tip 

1. Start with broken or damaged items. If it’s not working properly, broken, torn, or stained, toss it right away. If it’s something you’d like to fix, set a date and a 2 week timeline to fix it. If it’s not fixed in that time line, let it go.

2. Look at what you rarely use or wear. We all have them. Items we hardly ever wear or use. Now’s the time to start questioning why you’re keeping it. Most likely it’s not serving you and can be taken out of your home.3. Deal with the Maybes. It’s pretty easy to know what our most loved items are, but what do we do about the items we use occasionally or having a hard time deciding what to do with them? Stick with your gut and if it’s not a confident YES, then it’s most likely an item you won’t need or miss when it’s gone.

4. Have a Vacation Mentality. When you are on vacation, you don’t pack the whole house. You take the essentials and maybe a few items to entertain your mind while traveling. When you’re on vacation, you’re experiencing a minimalistic way of living by how few items you packed. We don’t need much. By sifting through all the excess, we can train our minds to surround ourselves with the essential items we want and need.

5. Less Stuff, More Time When you live with less stuff, you save more time because you aren’t spending that time trying to maintain all the excess or in search of items you’ve misplaced. Less items in your life equates to a lot more ease in your daily maintenance and freedom to spend your time doing more of what you enjoy! Follow the wise words of Princess Elsa and learn to just “Let It Go”.

When it comes down to it…you don’t have an organization problem, you have an ‘own-to-much-stuff’ problem.

Ready to let go? You got this my friend!– Katie


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