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The Hardest Room to Keep Organized

For my family, it’s the mudroom…

Every home will have a few areas that seem to become disorganized fast. but don’t fret; you can gain control back and get that space in order with a few simple steps.

Tidy Tips for Spaces to Stay Organized

1. Identify the Problem Like my mudroom, there’s a reason why the shoes continued to be thrown on the floor in a disarrayed mess. When given some thought, I realized I needed more specific locations for our various shoes. So, I bought some more bins to organized the shoes better into categories and convenient locations. You can do the same by asking questions and trying new ways to maintain order in that space.

2. Create a System It’s easy to assume that the reason rooms don’t stay organized is because family members don’t put things away, but if a room doesn’t have a good system in place, it makes it even more challenging to keep it organized. By having logical locations for items in the right containers with labeling, you’ll find how much easier it is for family to put things away properly.

3. Don’t Quit I can’t tell you how many times I have to tell my kids where their shoes go and which container they belong in. Keeping our mudroom organized sometimes feels like an uphill battle, but I don’t quit and you shouldn’t either. Habits take time and lots of consistency. So, don’t give up. Keep the reminders coming!

4. Test and Edit I may sound like a broken record here, but there’s no such thing as a right way to organize a space. This is YOUR HOME and YOU get to organize it and make changes based on how well it works for you, your family and your lifestyle. If you try a new system and it’s not working great, don’t beat yourself up…just try something new, make edits to your system and keep testing it out.

You can get control back over those disorganized spaces! One simple step at a time. 



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