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The Cuteness Factor

and when it comes to organization, the cuteness factor can definitely steal the stage, but is that really what organization comes down to?

The truth is the look does not equate to organization.

While matching containers and beautifully labeled bins certainly plays a part, not only in the overall look, but in better functionality; the real star of the show is the system you create.

There’s no basket too cute that can take precedence over a well thought out home organization system.

It’s only when we create a place for everything and a daily maintenance routine to keep items in their place, that real organized living thrives.

Tidy Tips for Creating a System

1) Kick Excess Out- You know what you need to do. Get rid of anything you do not use, need or love. If you haven’t used it in the last couple weeks, it’s time to consider tossing or donating. This step is KEY in creating an organization system of items you want in your home.

2) Name each Room’s Purpose- Walk through your home and define the main purpose and function of each room. This is so important so rooms don’t collect random items or become dumping grounds. 

3) Think Logically- Once you define each room’s purpose, start placing items that should belong in that room. Ask yourself if it makes sense for that item to be stored there. Is it a convenient location and placed with same/similar items? Do these items fulfill the purpose of this room/space?

4) Use What You’ve Got- No need to run to the store and spend excessively. The cuteness factor comes later! Always use containers, bins, bags, and Tupperware you have first. It may not look pretty, but remember, it’s the system you’re creating that matters.

5) Make a Daily Maintenance Plan- There’s many options of ways to maintain your home. Daily courtesy clean-ups, house zones, chore charts, dump zone bins, etc. Put a plan in place of how you and your family can maintain your home daily and make it happen. 

6) Test it out for Several Weeks- This is the hardest part of creating the system, because it’s the “doing” part. So, test it all out for at least 2 weeks before buying the cute containers and labels. Test out your daily maintenance routine. Test out where all your items are stored. Is your daily system working for you and your family? Does it make sense? Are items being maintained logically and conveniently?

7) Critique and Edit- Once you’ve given it some time to critique your system and make appropriate adjustments, you are then free to make your list of containers and labels you’d like for each space. Make sure to measure and keep your list specific so you don’t buy more then what’s needed.

While the cuteness factor plays a role, it’s the system you create and maintain that will make or break you. So go create, test, edit and maintain! The organized you is ready.


Your Simply Home LLC.

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