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Storing Grocery Bags

Well, you’re in for a treat, because today’s tip gives some great ideas on ways to store all your grocery bags, as well as save on space.

Tidy Tips for Storing Grocery Bags 1. Twist and Knot – One of my fav ways to store grocery bags is to store them in a clear bin and twist and roll my baggies into a tidy knot. They save on space and are super easy to grab and go. Click on the quick tutorial video BELOW to learn this method. 

2. Fold and Stack – While you may not think you have the time to fold your grocery bags neatly into a square, taking a few minutes to do this may end up saving you time and space in the end. It’s amazing how many grocery bags you can fit into a container by folding and stacking your bags.

3. Grocery Bag Holders – I love using simple wall mounted or hung grocery bag holders. There’s so many useful options that will give you that storage you need and utilize the wall where it can be stored. Click HERE to see some stylish bag holders.

4. Bag inside a Big Bag – Even something as simple as putting all your grocery bags into a larger bag and hung up on a hook, will do the trick. Remember, we don’t have to do anything fancy to be organized. Just use our creativity and spaces wisely.

5. Ways to lighten your bag collection – I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m overflowing in grocery bags and am trying to find better ways to lessen the amount of grocery bags I use…so here’s a few ideas I’m implementing that have helped lessen the amount of bags I bring home:

-Laundry Basket- I know, you thought I’d put re-useable tote bags first, but my fav resource to use when shopping is my laundry basket. I park close to the carts, take the cart to my car and place my rectangle laundry basket in the cart. After shopping, I simply lift the laundry basket out of the cart and into my car without needing a bunch of bags for my items. 

-Tote Bags- This one’s a no brainer, but when looking for a tote bag, I recommend getting several re-useable totes in a variety of sizes… small, medium and large and keep them in the back of your car, so they won’t be forgotten when going to shop. Small bags for heavier canned goods, medium for a variety of produce and large for your dry goods, bulkier items. 

-Recycle Half- Depending on how often you shop, for me it’s  a good rule of thumb when storing bags, to have about 15-20 bags for storage and recycle the rest. Chances are you won’t need more bags than that, and you’ll be back at the store before you know it anyway. 

You’ve got this in the bag! Try out some of these ideas and see what you think.

– Katie

Simple Twist & Knot Bag Demo

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