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Staying Organized Christmas Day

Today’s Tidy Tips will outline a few ways to stay organized Christmas Day.

Christmas Day Tips

1. Prep Food the Night Before If you want a relaxing Christmas day, prep all your Christmas foods and snacks the night before so you can easily pull-out and enjoy the day without working away in the kitchen. 2. Get the Batteries Out You know you’re gonna need them! Have batteries out and ready to  go…might not be bad to have a variety of sizes too. 3. Trash Can on Hand Stay on top of all the wrapping paper and tissue by having a large trash bin conveniently placed nearby. After each round of unwrapping, have everyone grab some paper and toss it in the trash. 4. Basket for Bows I know it may seem like the most MOM like thing to do, but if you’re a bow-saver, have a bin or basket ready to store those festive bows. 5. Notepad It’s always nice to remember who gave what to who, especially if it’s from grandparents. Have a notepad handy to jot it down. 6. Photo Memory If you have a memory like mine…that doesn’t remember anything, once all the unwrapping is finished,  it might be wise to take a quick photo of each child with their Christmas gifts. It’s not only a fun way to remember what they got each year, but is an easy way to keep track of who’s gift is who’s. 7. ‘Making Memories’ Mentality It’s a day for memory-making! Embrace the mess and just enjoy the moments. This is especially important if you tend to be the one who is constantly cleaning up after everyone. It’s okay to let the Christmas mess happen…you’ll get to it eventually. 8. Mid-Day Courtesy Cleanup Typically mid-afternoon when the kids are slowing down, we’ve eaten lunch, and we’re all ready for a nap, we do a family courtesy cleanup. We pick everything up and make our home a bit less chaotic. Then, we pop in a Christmas movie and catch a few zzz’s. 9. Christmas Day Kid Bin After a courtesy cleanup, it’s always helpful to have each child place all their gifts in a box or laundry bin and placed in their room. It helps keep things in order and out of the way. 10. Open Snack Bar A great way to avoid cooking overload on Christmas Day is to create an open snack bar with crackers, cheese, meats, breads, sauces, sliced fruit and veggies, and of course…plenty of Christmas treats! That way everyone can eat when they’d like to and you can just relax and enjoy your Christmas Day!

Keep your Christmas Day ‘Merry and Bright’ by staying organized and relaxed. Cheers to your day of JOY!

-Katie  Owner/Certified Professional Organizer Your Simply Home LLC.


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