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Simple Bathroom Maintenance

Tidy Tips for Easy Bathroom Maintenance

1) Uniform Soap Dispensers + Refills Instead of the hassle of running to the store to fill your grocery cart with more hand-held soaps, purchase a larger re-useable soap dispense container for each of your homes’ bathrooms. Purchase the large soap refills at your local Costco or Sam’s Club. You’ll find you only need to refill your dispensers a few times a year and you’ll save a lot more money than buying small hand soaps. Plus, it helps the planet…so high five to you!

2) Toilet Paper Basket One of the best items I’ve ever bought for my home are my rectangular toilet baskets that sit perfectly on my toilet lids. They hold 3 toilet rolls perfectly. Not only does it look cute, but it’s functional and easy to maintain. Once I see only 1 roll left in the basket, I go grab 2 more and keep it stocked.

3) Individual Bathroom Bins Want to keep clutter off those bathroom counters? Get a small bathroom bin for each of your family members. Have a shelf, cabinet or drawer they store it in. Their bins should hold their daily essential bathroom items. Total game changer!

4) One Spot for Bulk When it comes to my soap refill and toilet paper, I buy in bulk. I also store my bulk items in one location, so when I need to restock the toilet paper, refill on soap, or grab another tube of toothpaste, I have one location for all my bathroom bulk. This will help increase the use of your bathroom storage, while keeping things more minimalistic.

5) Lighten up on Towels I can’t tell you how many of us have WAY too many towels! Sometimes I’ll walk into a bathroom with over 25 bath towels. It’s not necessary, my friends! 1-2 bath towels per person and a couple hand towels and wash clothes is plenty. Hang hooks so each family member can dry their towel and reuse 2-3 times before washing. Using a container to hold a few hand towels and wash cloths stored under the sink, is perfect.

Bathrooms don’t have to be a mess. In fact, they can be one of the easiest spaces to maintain. …unless you’re potty training, then I have no advice; other than eat some chocolate, get take-out and remember, this too shall pass!


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