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Setting Boundaries with Love

You don’t want the stuff, but what do you say or do?

This is where we set some loving boundaries.

When it comes to items entering your home, setting boundaries is not only necessary, but essential to keeping your home simplified and organized.

Look below for a few key tips to set successful boundaries with family members without any hurt feelings or offense.

Tidy Tips to Setting Boundaries

1. Be Clear Make a mental list of items you’d appreciate from family members, such as the heirloom china or Grandma’s dining table, then communicate that desire to your family members. A great example is a text that says something like, “Hi Mom, If you ever decide to pass down the china set, I would be interested in it. I do not need anything else, but would love to use that china someday if it is something you decide to pass down. Sure love you!”

2. Get comfortable with saying ‘No thanks’ We are so concerned about offending others that we tend to accept so many items that we don’t want or need, but the truth is, doing that too often can start to build negative feelings or resentment. So, don’t be afraid to be kind and honest. In response to someone wanting to give you something, learn to give them a simple, “No thank you, but I appreciate you asking me about it.”

3. Be a Stepping Stone Sometimes we can become a stepping stone to help family members let go of items. For many older generations, taking items to donations can be too difficult for them. They want to feel like their items are being cherished by people they know and love. In these circumstances, it may be beneficial to take the items off their hands and let them know that you will find a home for them, whether that be you taking a few items you want or donating them yourself.

4. Teach your Kids While they’re young, teach your kids the benefits of surrounding themselves with items they really love and need. When you see an item they rarely play with or use, sit down with them and ask questions like, “You know, I don’t see you playing with this toy much. Do you think it’s time to let it go? Give it to someone who might need it?” When your kids can learn the art of letting go and keeping clutter out of their life, it will benefit them for years to come!

When it comes to clutter, setting boundaries creates a healthy atmosphere for you and your family members.   So, take courage and set boundaries with love.

– Katie

Setting Boundaries Tutorial


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