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Sell. Toss. Or Donate.

I enjoy this time of year, not just for the snow melt-off and warmer days ahead, but because purging the excess from our homes is never a bad thing.

The issue many face though when getting rid of all the clutter is if an item should be sold, tossed or donated.

Clearly items that are broken or not worth anything should be a no-brainer and disposed into the trash, but what about those items that could be sold? Or are worth a pretty penny? 

Is it worth the effort to try and sell it? Or better off just donated?

Here’s a few tips to help you when faced with this decluttering dilemma.

Tidy Tips for What to Sell, Toss, or Donate 

  1. Toss: Items with stains, holes, tears or are broken, faulty, expired, or cost more to fix than it’s worth.

  2. Toss Item Examples: Expired prescription drugs, stained shirt, torn dress, used cosmetics, worn shoes, broken toys, etc.

  3. Donate: Items that are in good shape or useable. Particular items like art supplies, books, clothing, toys, or furniture are especially needed at schools, libraries, churches, daycares, shelters, and donation centers. Look online for local donation options or family/friends you know that would appreciate your donated items.

  4. Donate Items Examples: Good condition clothing, lightly used books and toys, stamp collection, good-condition dishware, lightly used shoes, good condition chair or small desk, lamp, etc.

  5. Sell: Items of high monetary value do not necessarily need to be sold, but I recommend trying to sell first before donating. 

  6. Selling Options Include: Online (Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Community Buy/Sell Pages, or on your personal social media pages) or at an Auction House/Consignment Store (locally or online where they sell your items and they send you money for your percentage).

  7. Sell Item Examples: fine china set, like new furniture, quality leather items (furniture, clothes, shoes), electronic/computer items, new or lightly used clothing and shoes, expensive jewelry or purses, products or items never used with tags still attached, items in new or good condition over a certain monetary value (pick a monetary value limit of what is worth your time to sell. Items over $200 in value? You pick!)

As a note: Auction/Consignment options typically don’t result in as high of a value or price point as you might want, so you most likely won’t get as much money for your item selling through them, as you would trying to sell the item yourself.

  1. Time Limit: Setting a time limit on how long you will try to sell an item is key! The last thing you want is a pile of items sitting in your home waiting to sell. My recommendation is to set a 2 week time limit on when that item needs to be out of your home. If it doesn’t sell in that 2 week time slot (remember, you can always drop your sell price to try and sell faster), then send it right to donations!

So whether you sell, toss or donate, As long as it’s out of your house, you’ve done your job!

-Katie  Owner/Certified Professional Organizer Your Simply Home LLC.


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