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Seasonal Switch-Up Part 2

The great thing about these annual traditions is that it gives us the opportunity every year to look through our holiday decoration boxes and question what we want to keep, let go of, or add to.

There’s no reason to hold onto items we don’t want to use or display in our home. Remember, if you don’t love it or need it, do NOT allow it to take up precious space in your home.

These tips still ring true, so take a look again and simplify your decor where it’s needed.

Tidy Tips for Seasonal Decorations

Let go of any unwanted decorations. If you aren’t going to decorate with it this year, chances are you won’t next year, so let it go! Some items may become damaged, broken or out of style. Always question keeping a decor item when pulling it out of the tote bin. If unwanted, make sure you toss, donate, or give to a family or friend who wants it. You don’t have to have a bunch of holiday decorations to invite the holiday spirit!

Try storing decorations based on the 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). Storing holiday decor in their respective seasons keeps it simple and easy to maintain. If you’re like me, that keeps your decoration storage down to about 4 totes. Click here to check out my favorite garage tote bins.

Storing based on seasons allows flexibility and ease when decorating. For instance, my “Fall” storage tote has my fall leaves and pumpkins that I decorate with for the entire season of Fall, but when it gets close to Halloween, I can access a few of my fav Halloween items quickly from my season tote and put them right back in the same tote when I’m finished. 

If a holiday item is taking the place of another decoration, simply put the “other” decoration in the season tote for safe-keeping until you switch it back after the holiday. For instance, If I put a fall pumpkin in the spot where a framed picture is located, I would store the framed picture in my “Fall” seasonal tote to make sure I don’t misplace it and put it back where it goes after that holiday or season. 

Take photos of how you decorated, print them out and stick them in their seasonal tote. This way, when you decorate for that season or holiday next year, you’ll remember where to put certain decor items. If you like decorating differently each year, then nix this tip. 😉

Label your storage totes clearly by their season and respective holidays. Also, before putting the tote away, re-evaluate the decor being stored and make sure it’s what you want to keep and use for next year. 

Special Note: To avoid extra clutter, DO NOT buy new decor items unless it’s replacing one you let go of, or if you have a specific place for it in your home…and yes, even if it’s an item on sale. Unless it’s a want or need, there’s no need to purchase more.

Let’s get back to making the holidays simple again, by ringing in the festivities with what we love and enjoy most!

-Katie  Your Simply Home LLC.


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