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Seasonal Switch-Up

Fall is in the air! You ready to switch things up?

With the change of seasons, come a change in our household go-to’s. Instead of shorts and flip flops, we’re needing jackets and boots. Our summer fun is now taking a back seat to a new season of fall.

Is your home ready for the change?

If not, no worries my friend! Here’s a few easy, fun ways to switch up your seasonal needs.

Seasonal Switch TIDY TIPS :

1. ClothingBefore pulling out the sweaters and putting away the t-shirts, make sure all of your warm weather clothing is re-evaluated. Is it something you will definitely wear next summer? Is it still in good condition? Are there stains or button repairs needed? Do you still love it?

If it’s a no- then donate or toss it! If it’s a yes, make sure your washed and repaired clothing, shoes and accessories are stored in a labeled secure container or in a wardrobe hanging bag. Under the bed or a spare closet are good places to store. Avoid attics and garages if possible.

2. Garage/Mudroom: What used to be beach toys and bikes stored on the nearest shelf can now be moved into labeled containers or higher shelving. Use logic when storing your fall/winter tools and gear. Is it in an easy to reach or in a convenient location? If it’s an item that will get wet from rain/snow, is this the right location for it?

3. Kitchen: Move over summer salad bowls and say hello to pumpkin breads and soups! If you need to move around some of your seasonal go-to appliances or dishes so it’s easy to get to and store, now’s a great time to do that!

4. Seasonal Fun: Decorations, gifts and good food galore! It’s easy to get “cluttered up” with the holiday seasons approaching, so make sure you “throw as you go” when decorating, buying new things, or making yummy goods. If a decor item is broken or out of style, don’t throw it back in the box! Get rid of it.

Whatever you do, always remember to surround yourself with items you love and need. Seasonal switch-ups is the perfect time to re-evaluate your home’s items.

Let’s fall into every season with organization as our ally. 

And bring on the pumpkin spice!


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