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Photo Mania!

Welcome to the wonderful world of photo mania, where you’ll find a plethora of duplicate photos of the same shot and the never ending game of photo scrolling to filter through your favorite ones.

I get it! Really, I do.

Coming from one photo-crazed mom to the next, taking multiple pictures of the same thing was definitely a weakness of mine…until I discovered a few key tips to keep my phone’s photo collection under control.

Tidy Tips for Phone Photo Clean-Up

1) Get the ONE shot- “Say cheese!” Sometimes it takes many clicks to get the one picture with everyone looking at the camera. Once you get a few shots, do yourself a favor and pick your favorite photo right then and there to save…then, make sure you delete the others right away.

2) Ask Yourself Questions- When on vacation or at a school event, we feel the need to capture every moment and event, but if we asked more questions like, “What’s one way I can capture this moment in a picture?” or “Do I need 20 pictures of this or just one great shot?” This can help us gain a little more clarity around our photo-taking choices.

3) Download a Duplicate App- Tech is amazing and can give us helpful tools when needed. Did you know there’s many free apps that can detect all your photo duplicates? With just a click of a button, you can keep your photos duplicate free without any work on your part! (The app I use is “Duplicates Cleaner” and it’s great!)

4) One Month at a Time- It’s amazing how fast time flies! It’s also amazing how quickly our phones can fill up with thousands of photos when left unchecked. So, set a reminder on your phone at the end of each month to scroll through the previous months’ photos and delete unwanted pictures. (PS- This is a great task when waiting in the grocery line, car wash or doctor’s office.) Once you’ve scrolled, quickly send your favorite photos to a secure file in your Google docs for easy retrieval and security.

5) Be Creative- Sadly, most of us don’t do much with the collection of photos we have. They stay in our phones and usually aren’t even looked at. With today’s creative resources, doing something with those photos is easier than ever! Printable collages, canvas prints, photo accessories, photo books, social media albums and more are easy, quick solutions to enjoy the photos in your life. Go online and search for fun ways to appreciate your pictures! 

Let’s make more room for memories and less space for photos. Remember, all you need is one good shot! 


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