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Pantry Decanting

What the heck does decanting a pantry mean?

Don’t worry! I didn’t know what it meant either, but I’ll tell you what, I’ve been doing it for years and it’s amazing!

Decanting in ‘organizational’ terms “means to gradually pour from one container into another”. … or the movement of food and other products into new containers.”

So when we talk about ‘decanting’ a pantry, we’re talking about removing all that excess, bulky packaging and moving those food items into, preferably, a clear, stackable container.

Let me just say, if there’s one MAJOR TIP I could give you when it comes to an organized, functional pantry….it’s DECANTING!

Tidy Tips for Pantry Decanting

1) Remove all that excess packaging asap. Don’t wait and think you’ll do it later. Take a few minutes to get food items out of the packaging and into their containers. It’ll save your pantry a crazy amount of space…promise!

2) If packaging is slim, stackable and useful, then keep it. Most packaging should be removed when decanting, but on occasion you’ll find some packaging useful and convenient, especially for smaller items. These items may still be stored together in a container.

3) Use convenient containers. My go-to’s are the OXO POP clear containers you can get at Costco (Christmas hint right there, friend). These containers are great, because you can see your food items right away, stack them to maximize space and when it comes to restocking, you know how much is left. Plus, the colorful items in their clear containers give fun pops of color when you open your pantry door…and who doesn’t love that?!

4) Add a few more minutes to your unloading. I get it, you get home from an exhausting day of errands and the last thing you want to do is open up all your food packages to dump them into another container. I’ve had that feeling many times…but, you’ve got to trust me on this one. Give yourself that extra 10 minutes and see what it can do!

Decanting really is key to get that dream pantry you want. It saves space, adds functionality and cohesiveness, and makes restocking easy. Additionally, if you’ve got kids like mine, having stacks of excess cardboard means hours of creativity for them. Captain America shields coming right up!

It really is a win-win. So, ‘decant’ away my friend. Your pantry is gonna look like a million bucks!

-Katie  Your Simply Home LLC.

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