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Organization = More Time!

Hello my friend!

What is the one thing that everyone wants, but don’t feel they have enough of?

You guessed it… TIME!

Time is one of those common denominators that we all share as humans. We have the same amount of hours as everyone else, and if you’re like most humans, it’s the one thing we wish we had more of.

Here’s the truth though. Time is relative. Yes, we have the same hours to use as anyone else, but it’s what we do with that amount of time that is the real kicker.

This is why I’m so passionate about organization. You see, like everyone else, I too wish I had more time to do or accomplish more things, but when I stay organized, I find that time works in my favor.

Organization can transform how your time is used and spent.

Look below for some organization pointers to keep time on your side:

Time-Saving Organization Tips

  1. Create a To-Do List: Start your day by creating a to-do list. Prioritize tasks and tackle the most important ones first to ensure you’re working efficiently. I always write down my top 3 tasks each day and just focus on those first.

  2. Time Blocking: Schedule specific blocks of time for different tasks or activities. This helps you stay focused and ensures you allocate enough time for each task. Time-blocking really works in your favor.

  3. Use Digital Tools: Employ productivity apps and tools to help you manage your tasks, schedules, and projects. Tools like Trello, Asana, or Google Calendar can be valuable.

  4. Declutter Regularly: Regularly declutter your living and workspaces. The less clutter you have, the easier it is to find what you need and maintain a clean environment. When there’s a place for everything, there’s no waste of time in searching or maintaining those items.

  5. One-Touch Rule: Handle paperwork, emails, or items just once. For instance, if you open an email, respond, delegate, or file it immediately. Think of all the time this will save you!

  6. Meal Planning: Plan your meals for the week in advance, create a shopping list, and prep ingredients ahead of time to save time on cooking and grocery shopping. Even spending 1 hour pre-chopping all your veggies for the week is a game-changer.

  7. Capsule Wardrobe: Create a capsule wardrobe with a limited selection of versatile clothing items. This simplifies your outfit choices and reduces the time spent deciding what to wear and bonus, saves on closet space.

  8. Automation: Automate recurring tasks like bill payments, email filtering, and social media posting to reduce manual effort. Automation services can be your friend.

  9. Set Up a Command Center: Create a central location for items like keys, wallets, and important documents to avoid wasting time searching for them.

  10. Use Labels: Label containers, shelves, and drawers to make it easy to find items quickly.

  11. Batching: Group similar tasks together and complete them in one go. For example, reply to emails in batches, make phone calls in a single block of time, or do errands on the same day.

  12. Courtesy Cleanups: Spend a few minutes each day tidying up. A daily quick cleanup can prevent clutter from piling up and save you time during a big cleaning session. It’s amazing what a 10 minute daily cleanup can do!

  13. Delegate Tasks: Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks when possible, whether it’s at work or at home. This frees up your time for more important activities. This is especially key if you have kids.

  14. Create Routines: Establish daily and weekly routines for tasks such as making your bed, cleaning, exercise, and meal preparation. Routines make activities more efficient and require less decision-making.

  15. Use Reminder Apps: Set reminders for important appointments, tasks, and events to avoid missing deadlines and save time worrying about memory lapses.

  16. Minimize Distractions: Organize your workspace to minimize distractions. Use noise-cancelling headphones, block distracting websites, and establish boundaries when working. And yes, turn off your phone once in a while.

Remember that different organization hacks work for different people, so it’s important to experiment and find the strategies that work best for your specific needs and preferences. Let’s get your time back! Getting organized is TIME well spent.  – Katie Founder, Your Simply Home LLC.

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