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No Paint Transformations

Painting a room a fresh, new color is almost always the first step to creating your inspired look… but what if you could transform any space without ever using a paint brush?

Take a peak at some simple ways to create the look you want without any paint involved in the process.

Tidy Tips for No-Paint Transformations 1. Curtains – There are a zillion options out there to add colorful curtains with a variety of textiles, patterns, character, and size. A set of curtain panels not only can create color in a room,  but help elongate your walls by drawing your eye vertically up the wall.

2. Artwork – Want a splash of color on the walls? Some attractive artwork is the perfect solution to give your room pizazz, while adding colorful focal points. When hanging artwork, try to center it to the wall or the furniture in the room. Artwork should have elements in it that compliment the room’s general aesthetic.

3. Rugs -When it comes to flooring, sometimes it’s best to keep it neutral and have color up on the walls, but an accent rug can pack a punch of color to a space when complimented by it’s surrounding features.

*BEWARE to not have too many competing colors in a room. You want to avoid having eyes bounce from one colorful spot to the next. The goal is to have a natural flow when your eyes hit the space.

4. Accent Plants, Decor, and Textiles – This is by far the easiest and in my opinion, the most fun way to add hints of color throughout a room. Some colorful accent pillows, a throw blanket, some green accent plants, books, and decor items go a LONG way to give your space life and character.

5. Accent Wall Options -We live in a pretty amazing world of simple innovations in making a space look amazing without committing to a paint color. Peel and stick vinyl tiles, wood paneling, wall tapestries, and easy stick n’peel wallpaper makes it so you can create any accent wall you’d like, without painting a permanent color.

Are you ready to transform your spaces?

Sorry paint, You’ll have to take a backseat on this one. Make what you imagine, actually happen. 

– Katie

Check out these recent spaces I designed without any PAINT!


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