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My Most Favorite Container

When it comes to organization containers, it can be easy to get overwhelmed from the many options out there. 

So today, I’ll help you out.

One of my most favorite containers to use when organizing my clients’ spaces is… Drumroll please…

The Container Store ‘Multi-Purpose Clear Storage Bins’ @ www.containerstore.comCheck out these containers here!

Why are they my favorite to use?

1. They’re versatile sizes from large to small allow great storage options for a variety of items and sizes. 2. The easy to grab handle adds convenience when needing to access items. 3. They come in translucent, white and charcoal, adding style and appeal in many spaces. 4. The shape is perfect for taller items due to their rectangular shape. 5. You can store more of these containers on a shelf or in a cabinet due to their size and shape. 6.They’re a dream to label and you can place a label right on the container.

Plus, as a bonus, They’re very affordable and can be bought in bulk!So, there you have it. It may not seem like much, but having the right container for your items can really make a positive impact in your home.

Because it’s not just about containers… It’s about simple changes for a better life! 


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