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Micro-Habit Changes

Yes, I know. It's a Friday...not a Tuesday! I have sent a Tidy Tip Tuesday email every single Tuesday morning since I started my small organization business in March 2020...and for the first time EVER, it is being sent to you on a Friday.

Why a Friday, you ask?

The short version of my story is that I was out of the country (visiting Canada) and had some major technical difficulties that prevented me from sending my email until I returned home.

Something odd happened to me during this experience. I felt extremely uncomfortable not sending my consistent Tidy Tip Tuesday email on a Tuesday morning. My brain did not like it one bit.

It made me start thinking about the incredible power habit creation has on us. It's really quite remarkable that when a consistent habit, whether good or bad, is done over and over again, it becomes very hard and uncomfortable to change it.

This is why I'm such a big believer in making tiny, micro changes to our daily routines. It is through our consistent changes day in and day out that real progression is made, especially when it comes to living a more simple, organized life.

So, here's a simple way to start any new habit:

Micro Habit Tidy Tip

1. Pick one small area in your daily routine you'd like to improve in. The simpler the better. 

2. Pick one tiny micro change you will try to sustain for at least 2 weeks. Don't pick anything too big or too challenging to sustain.

(For example: I will load the dirty dishes in the dishwasher before leaving for work.)

3. Be actively aware of your mind during this micro change. Pay attention to the thoughts your brain gives you (positive or negative) and have empowering responses to them.

(For example: If your brain gives you a thought like, "We can just do the dishes when we get home from work." Answer your brain back with, "That may be true, but I want to come home from work to a clean kitchen. I can take a few minutes and quickly load the dishes.")

Good habits take time, and consistency to any positive habit is what sustains the lifestyle we desire.

Until next Tuesday! No more of this Friday nonsense. ;)


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