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Memory Bins

Like that picture they painted just for you, their first footprint, their most beloved blanket or that amazing award they got at school.

Managing all those keepsakes can be a task in itself and more often than not, end up in a cluttered desk drawer, file folder or random carboard box in the closet.

There’s a much simpler way to handle their keepsakes.

Tidy Tips for Kids’ Keepsakes

1) Get a medium-sized rubber tote/container for each of your kids.  *Look at photo below for the bins I use for my family. Use quality bins that have secure lids and can be moved easily. I store mine in our garage, but if you have a convenient space in your home to hold all your kids’ keepsake bins, that’s great. My suggestion, keep all keepsake bins together!

2) Designate a file folder with each child’s name in a convenient place Keep it in a place that you can easily get to. When you come across something you want to keep, place it in the child’s folder for the time being. Large items can go in their designated tote bin.

3) Always put the keepsake in the ‘go-to’ folder first Don’t stress about constantly placing keepsakes into their larger bin. For now, just make it easy for yourself. Place the keepsake in the kid’s pending folder for now. This keeps you from collecting clutter or adding too much stuff to their tote.

4) Re-evaluate every 6 months Before putting their special items into their tote bins, run through the child’s folder once more to make sure they’re all keepsakes you want in their designated bin.

5) Place keep items in child’s ‘Keepsake box’ Once finalized, you can put the papers/special items in plastic covers and placed in their bin. If you want to save on space, you can even take a photo of the item, with child’s age and date on the back, and place the photo in their bin, so they can remember it.

6) Every few years (2-3 yrs) go through their tote bin Always make sure you re-evaluate the keeps and no-keeps every few years. You can do this with your child if you want…unless you’d prefer to do that yourself.

See what sparks the most joy for you or your child and keep those items. Let go of the rest. 

Keepsakes can be some of the hardest items we have to go through because we attach sentimental feelings to them, but unless the item is something you really want to hold onto, remember and cherish; it really is okay to let go of most.

I feel the best way to honor those keepsakes is to display them in your home or placed in a scrapbook. And if you’re thinking…”I don’t have time to scrapbook, Katie!”…then you’re in good company, friend. Even just having a goal to maintain keepsakes properly is fantastic!

As my mom likes to call them, “Your Special Box” should be maintained with ease, love and fondness. Cheers to many happy memories and sentimental moments!

-Katie  Your Simply Home LLC.


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