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Mail Maintenance 101

Here’s a few tidy tips to keep your weekly mail organized and under control, especially during the holiday season.

Tidy Tips for Mail Maintenance

1) Stand by Trash -Right after getting your mail, stand right next to the trash can so you can toss junk mail right away. You’ll find most of your mail is just junk anyway. 2) One Touch Rule -Once you pick up a piece of mail, do not set aside unless you put it where it belongs…trash or pending.  3) Utilize a Pending Paper Tray -Always have a pending tray for mail needing more attention and time, such as bills, letters, and important documents you need to look through. 4) Set a Weekly Day/Time to go through Pending -Once a week, set aside time to work through all your pending mail/paperwork. I go through my pending tray on Sundays at lunchtime. Make sure you place paperwork where it belongs…trash or in organized files. 5) Keep it Digital – Remember that most mail sent your way, like credit card or insurance statements are documented digitally. You DO NOT need to keep them, unless specified by a tax specialist. Learn to keep things digital, and if desired, you can always scan it or take a photo to put in a digital file on your computer.

Following this simple maintenance routine will keep you in control and on top of your paperwork organization.

Look out mail clutter! We’re ready for ya. 

-Katie  Your Simply Home LLC.


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