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Listen to your Mom

Yesterday I broke down. We moved this past weekend and it was the hardest move for me. I’m not sure why it felt so hard.  We only moved about 30 steps away, but I was mentally and emotionally at my breaking point.

Moving is very challenging, especially for someone who likes every single item in place all the time. The boxes, the re-arranging, the re-organizing and so on had many enjoyable moments for me, I mean, that is my jam…but after a few days of it, I was feeling very heavy.

I was constantly making to-do lists and staying up late to get it “all” done.

As I walked the isles of my grocery store last night, I just felt completely run down and overwhelmed.

So I did what I needed to do in that moment and I called my mom.

She gave me her words of wisdom, which by the way are usually spot on with what I need to hear in the exact time I need to hear them.

She said, “Katie, Slow down. No one is there watching to make sure everything is in order. Be kind to yourself and rest.”

I desperately needed to hear those words. Why is it easy to give that kind of advice to others, but not to ourselves?

What about you? Do you need to slow down? Give yourself some rest?

If so, please follow what is prescribed by my wise, thoughtful mother.

Tidy Tips for a Happier You

1) No One is Watching- As many times as I have coached others and said these exact words to them, I too need that reminder. We don’t have someone in our home inspecting it to make sure it’s neat and tidy. So once in a while, let’s give ourselves some space, and allow the mess and temporary disorder.

2) There will Always be a List- Hate to say it, but the to-do list of our lives never, ever ends. We’ll always have things to do, places to be, foods to make, dishes to clean and laundry to do. So, let’s celebrate all the things you’re doing, even if it’s one thing! You’ll get to the other stuff when needed.

3) Stop- This is probably the hardest advice to accept, especially for myself, but it’s important. Sometimes we need to actually stop. Stop everything we’re doing and just breathe. Take a nap, read a book, watch a favorite movie, or write in our journal. If we want a more simple lifestyle, we have to reward ourselves every so often by pausing the movement and creating a still moment.

4) There are no Short-Cuts- I wish there was an easier way to live life so that your home always stayed organized, your family behaved the way we want and we reached all the goals we set in one easy swoop; but as we all know, that’s not how it works. So, be realistic and set goals that fit your lifestyle. Focus on one small change at a time and make it a daily habit. This is what lifelong change looks like. 

5) Be Kind to Yourself- We hear this all the time or say it to others, but do we actually follow our own advice? I don’t. I’m guilty of self-criticism all the time. It’s harmful when we keep adding more and more to our plate. Every so often, re-evaluate what you’re doing to yourself and let’s give ourselves a bit more grace, patience and kindness, shall we?

From one real mom with real life problems to all of you. Slow down, be kind to you…oh, and listen to your mom. 

-Katie  Your Simply Home LLC.


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