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Letting Go with Confidence

I used to hold on to a lot of things. I couldn’t make decisions on what to keep or toss. My life was filled with clutter and overwhelm that left me in a daze of confusion and frustration.

Letting go of what we don’t use or need is not an easy task. It’s what keeps millions of people out there feeling so defeated and incapable of living their best lives.

It’s what makes organization and simplification so challenging.

Today, I’m going to share with you the one tool that completely transformed the way I live, think, feel and create. It’s what jumpstarted me into simplifying my home and lifestyle, and why I decided years ago to teach my clients how to use this tool so they can learn to let go.

The tool is called ‘The Model’ and the video and handout below will help you see how it works and how it is key to letting go confidently.

*Watch Video Below*

This Week’s Challenge

1. Pick an Item you Struggle With That pair of jeans you wore in high school, those expensive boots you never wear, that antique desk you were going to re-paint… no matter the item, simply state what it is in the ‘circumstance’ line of your model, so you can evaluate why it’s so hard to let go of.

2. Plug it into ‘The Model’ Once you have your item in the circumstance line, work through the rest of the model with ONE thought you have when you think about that item. Think about ONE feeling that dominates when you have that thought. What action, if any, do you take when you have that feeling. And lastly, what’s the end result from that action.

3. Complete 2 Models and Notice the Difference First, write down your CURRENT thoughts, feelings, actions and results you’re experiencing now with that item. After working through it, try a second model, but with a NEW, more helpful thought you can create to help your brain let go of that item. Use the video to illustrate new thoughts that can help.

It’s amazing how the model can show you what’s keeping you stuck and the gateway to becoming un-stuck in order to let go of items you don’t love or need anymore. 

Once we can see what’s going on in our head. We can learn to let go happily with confidence! – Katie

Learning to Let Go with ‘The Model’Free Handout Here!

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