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Let’s Talk Pots & Pans

I get it! You have a zillion pots and pans with various lids and it never seems like there’s enough space in the cabinet for it all. 

Out of desperation, you lose motivation to keep it organized and end up stacking them in odd ways, while shoving the lids into any open crevice you can find.

Been there. Done that. It’s problematic.

That is, of course until we change our old system to one that actually works!

This week, let’s get it back in order, shall we?

Tidy Tips for Pots & Pans

1) Limit to what you REALLY need- Unless you’re a pro chef working from your kitchen, you most likely won’t need 5 saucepans. Keep what you actually cook with on a weekly basis. Cookware you use for rare occasions can be stored in the back of the cabinet or another location. 

2) Stack with hot pads- Stacking your pots and pans saves on space, but can get scratched up in the process. Instead, use a small to medium sized hot pad in-between pans when stacking. This protects them and reduces the “clinking” noise when stacking…which everyone can appreciate. 😉

3) Invest in a lid organizer- It’s a small price to pay to get big results. Lid organizers keep lids in place, give more space, are easy to maintain, and did I mention how sleek they make your cabinet look?!

4) Remember convenience- I know I sound like a broken record, but organization is all about logic and convenience. Make sure your pots and pans are easy to get to, especially when cooking. Your ‘go-to’ pots are always located in front, with the less-used pots in the back. Maximize your cabinet space, but allow some wiggle room for easy access and mobility when getting your cookware in and out.

Your pots & pans won’t know what hit them. Let’s cook up some order and functionality!

-Katie  Your Simply Home LLC.


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