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Let’s Spice things Up!

It’s time to spice things up!

Let’s be honest, most people don’t give their spice cabinet enough attention these days.

Your collection of spices can create clutter in your kitchen when not organized properly, and might I add, extra frustration when cooking and not able to find the spices you need.

So, what’s the best way to organize spices you might ask?

There’s many fun and creative ways! I’ll share a few below and you decide which way you want to try in your kitchen.

Tidy Tips for Spice Organization

1) Tier It Up- I love using tiered risers for spices. They can hold a large amount of containers, are easy to get to and see, and use the cabinet space more effectively. If you go the ‘tiered’ route, make sure you look at the variety of tiered riser options and measure to make sure it’ll fit your cabinet well.

2) Round the Carousel We Go- Who doesn’t like a good carousel ride? I’ll tell you one thing, you’re spices LOVE it! Using a turntable creates easy access to all your fav spices. They’re also great for large spice containers. 

3) Wall Mount It- Have a lot of spices, but not enough room in your cabinet to hold them all? Wall mounted spice racks will become your best friend! Hung on the back of your pantry door will give you plenty of room for all your spices. 

4) Slide, Baby, Slide- You know those Instagram photos of beautiful slide-out spice drawers? You don’t need a custom spice cabinet to create the same look. Purchasing a spice drawer organizer can create that custom look and give you easy access to all those spices you love to use.

5) Grip it Good- We live in a world that is constantly creating fresh new ways to organize. Now, you can use any space behind a cabinet door or wall to install spice clips. Convenient, simple and fun! This is a great solution for those needing creative ways to store their spices. 


1) Keep it Clear- You can purchase clear spice containers online. They can easily be labeled and refilled with your bulk spices. If you’re wanting a very crisp, minimalistic look, putting your spices in clear containers will do the trick!

2) Labels Out- No matter what, always keep those labels facing out. This makes it easy and convenient for you to see right away where your spices are.

3) Tall to Small- Just like those school pictures, tall spices always go in the back with the shorties up front.

3) ‘Go-To’s’ Front and Center- Salt & pepper, and any other of your daily go-to spices should always be front and center. Organize your spices in a way that makes sense for you and will keep it easy for you to maintain.

Give your spices the extra kick they need! Take a moment to organize them right.


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