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Kitchen Gadget Overload

The crockpot? Apple-slicer? Blender? Cheese grater?

If I were to ask how many kitchen gadgets you use on a weekly basis, how many would you say you use?

Most of us have more kitchen gadgets and appliances than we can shake a stick at. Yet, if we really paid attention to how many of those gadgets we use on a daily-basis, I bet you it would be just a handful of items.

So, why do we purchase so many kitchen gadgets?

2 Reasons; – We think the item will help make our cooking experience easier. – They’re fun!

Kitchen gadgets can certainly be a help to us in the kitchen, but if they’re never being used, they can prove to take up valuable space and create overwhelm in our cooking oasis.

This Week’s Tidy Tip is to Engage in your Own Kitchen Gadget Experiment:

1) Pick out a large bowl or Tupperware container and place it on your kitchen counter. 2) Every time you use a kitchen gadget or appliance, place it in or by the container on your counter. You can also make a list and write it down. 3) Do this for one week. 4) At the end of the week, look and see what gadgets and appliances you used the most. What gadgets or appliances were never touched? 5) If there’s certain items that are only used for special occasions, then you can create the same experiment, but during that particular occasion to see if the items you are saving for those times are actually needed.

PS- Great places to store your go-to kitchen gadgets:

– Lazy Susan

-Open Pantry shelf

-Under Cutting Board Drawer

-Island lower cabinets/Drawers

What may seem like a silly experiment, can really be quite eye opening!

Give it a try and see what you end up keeping and getting rid of.

Sometimes, the greatest gadget in our kitchen is our own innovation.



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