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Kids and Laundry

After spending hours folding and stacking my kids clothing nicely in their laundry baskets, I left to start cooking dinner. Minutes later I heard laughter and witnessed my young kids jumping on all the laundry, pretending it was a pile of leaves.

All that work. All that time.

I just fell to the floor and burst into tears.

My husband then walked in from work to see me at my wits end, and said calmly, “Let’s teach our kids to do their own laundry.”

From that one small sentence, my world completely changed.

I didn’t think it was possible! They were still young. Could they really do it on their own?

To our surprise, the kids couldn’t wait to do their own laundry and within days, were taking on the responsibility and it never stopped. Not only that, but it catapulted them into learning and consistently doing other daily tasks, which has made our home maintenance so much easier.

This may not be a solution for every family, but from one mom to another, learn to give your kids more responsibility. It doesn’t have to be laundry. It can be anything! They can do it. It’s so good for them and hint, hint…it’s good for you too.

Tidy Tips to Start If you are ready to say goodbye to loads and loads of laundry, and say hello to freedom and raising responsible kids; then this basic tutorial video will help you get started!

It’s not going to be perfect. But it may just be life-changing! 

– Katie


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