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How Much Clothes do Kids Need?

We do this for a few reasons.

1. They want some fun new clothes for school. 2. They’ve worn out or outgrown many of their clothes. 3. It forces us to go through all their clothes to see what they need and what we can get rid of.

But, the real dilemma is how much clothing is appropriate for each child? How much do they really need?

To answer your question, I’ve discovered that the perfect amount for most kids is…

2-3 Weeks Worth!

Depending on the child, you can determine if 3 or 2 weeks worth is right for them.  For example, my daughter loves clothes, so she has about 3 weeks worth of outfits, but my boys are great with 2 weeks worth.Here’s some steps to clear out the excess clothes with your kids and get down to the right amount of clothing for them.

Tips for Kids Clothes

1. Pull out all the clothes (this includes socks and underwear too) and place all worn, unwanted, ill-fitting clothing in a donation bag. If too worn, toss in a trash bag.

2. Have your kids pick their favorite 14 tops (have a few long-sleeved shirts in there too) , 14 bottoms (a mix of pants and shorts is best), and 2-3 jackets or sweatshirts. You may not love what their favorite clothes are, but remember, you’re teaching your kids to keep what they love and use. Give some helpful input, but ultimately, give them the choice.

3. Make a list of anything that’s missing in their wardrobe so you can get your child what’s needed.

4. Organize the clothing logically with your child and LABEL their drawers or clothing bins, so they easily can see where their clothing items go. If they can’t read yet, use picture labels.

5. Designate a specific laundry day each week or every other week so they stay on top of their clothing care and rotation. If buying more clothing, make sure to stick with the 2-3 weeks mark.

Special NOTE: You may wonder, if this works for kids, can this same amount apply to adults? Hmmm… certainly, my friend!

When it comes to clothing,  simplicity is best!– Katie

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