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Home Gratitude

Whether you’re living in a small studio apartment, a ranch house, or a suburban home. Our houses are made into homes by who we share them with and the memories we make inside.

While there may be things we wish to change about our homes or how we maintain them, it is important we take a moment to focus on what we appreciate about our homes.

Here’s a few tips to gain some gratitude:

Tidy Tips for Positive Home Reflection

1) Make a mental note of what’s working well. Don’t focus on the clutter, the lack of space or all the home projects you wished were finished. Today, think about all the things that your home is doing right.

2) Pay attention to the memories made in your home today. Your kids running around the kitchen table playing tag. The voices in the background. Your loved ones gathered around the dinner table. Your home holds space for all of it.

3) Express gratitude for all the stuff. Whether it’s an item you’re ready to let go of or keep, all items in our homes have purpose and meaning. Even as I declutter, I like to thank the items I’m throwing out or donating to express my gratitude. 

4) Connect your home to you. Our homes are a reflection of those living in them. What is your home saying about you and your family? What story is it telling by the photos on the wall? The colors in the room? The textures, smells and feel? Personalize your home.

Today, I encourage you to take a minute and reflect on what makes your home so special to you.

Our homes want to be loved and appreciated.  Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.



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