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Home Exploration

But, it won’t cost you airline tickets, require packing, or take a stack of brochures to look through.

This destination is your very own home and you will be exploring it this week!

Just like any destination you want to visit, you do some prep beforehand so when you arrive, you have a place to stay, options of where to eat, and activities to enjoy.

The same can apply to your home’s organization. If we want to create a home of order, we must first do some prep work and exploration.

Home Exploration Tip This Week

1) Observe- Watch your family this week and just notice where they put their items; like papers, keys, cell phones and clothing. When you ask them to do a chore and put something away, how do they react? I want you to become curious about your family’s organization behavior, but don’t judge or correct it.

2) Keep your Cool- While observing, I want you to try your best to stay cool. Instead of getting snappy or upset when things are tossed on the floor, just take mental notes of what you’re seeing. 

3) Take some Notes- Like any good explorer, have a notepad at your ready to jot various observations you see in your home. This is where you can really gain insight on areas that get cluttered easily and the why behind it. 

4) Where’s the Drop Zones?- Every home has them! Drop zones are specific areas in your home that collect various items. Kitchen counters, closet floors, mudrooms, and dining tables are common areas for clutter to gather. Pay attention to where those spots are in your home and jot them down in your notes.

5) Be Patient- Sometimes becoming an explorer in your home can create feelings of wanting to problem solve right away and fix the issues we find. We will get to the solutions part next week, but for now, be patient with your family and home. Your job is to merely explore and discover the problem areas you find. 

A favorite quote of mine states that “Exploration is curiosity put into action.”  So, let’s get curious my friend, and see what action we can make of it!


Your Simply Home LLC.

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