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‘His and Her’ Bathroom Baskets

Want to know a fun trick to clean clutter off your bathroom counters?

Create a ‘His and Her’ tote bathroom baskets for all your bathroom items.

I have one that I use for all my essential, easy to grab items like lotions, perfume, deodorant, floss, hairbrush and so on. When it’s time to get ready for the day, or at bedtime, I just pull out my bathroom tote and use what I need. When I’m done, I simply slide it back onto my cabinet shelf, leaving my bathroom counter tops spacious and clutter-free. My husband has his own tote basket for his items too. My tote is white and his is brown.

These bathroom totes can be applied to your kids’ bathrooms as well, especially if multiple kids are sharing a bathroom. Give each child their own labeled tote basket to store their bathroom items in, such as their toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, gel, etc.  Make sure to give them a specific area or shelf in the bathroom where they can store their tote basket when it’s not in use, and Viola, a kids’ bathroom that’s organized and clutter-free!

*As a side note, giving each of our kids their own tote basket prevented a lot of arguments over someone else using their toothpaste, hair gel or comb. This has also taught our kids skills in personal responsibility and accountability over their bathroom items and keeping their things in their bin. It’s pretty awesome!

You can use this idea for many areas of your home. Look for other places where a tote basket would come in handy!

Some examples of places where I store multiple things in an easy to grab tote basket is:

My Pantry “Snack” Basket where various, easy-to-grab snacks are located. My kids pull out the snack basket, pick their snack from the variety and store it back on the pantry shelf.

My “Band-aid” Basket where all our home first aid items are located and easy to access for my kids who need a band-aid. Medicinal items like hydrogen peroxide and Tylenol are NOT placed in our “Band-aid” basket for safety reasons.

My “Tupperware Lids” Basket is where all my Tupperware lids are stored and easy to get to access when needing a lid. This also saves a lot of space and convenience as you maintain your various Tupperware containers, by keeping the lids in one location and stacking the Tupperware containers together, saving a lot of space in your kitchen.

That’s just 3 simple examples of the plethora of ways to use a tote basket or bin to store a variety of items. Using a tote basket is a fantastic way to save space, time and convenience. Furthermore, I always recommend using containers that you already have in your home first, before ever buying more storage containers at the store. As you do, you’ll find better use of the containers, Tupperware, bins, baskets and bags laying around the house. Be creative as you look for other ways to use a tote basket and give it a try!

You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to store items this way and maintain it long term.

So, today, I encourage you to CREATE YOUR VERY OWN BATHROOM TOTE BIN! Put items in it that you use on a daily basis and store it somewhere in your bathroom that’s easy to get to. You’ll discover new space that you’ve never had before on your bathroom counters and see what a breeze it is to clean your bathroom counters in the future.

It’s incredible what simple changes can do for our home and personal life. Keep it up, my friend!



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