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Garage Decluttering

It’s big, it’s bad and heck, it may even be ugly, but it’s there waiting for you to get it back in order.

If you’re like most American families who use their garage as a storage unit more than a place to park their cars, there’s no better time to tackle it then right before summer hits!

When it comes to organizing your garage, there’s a few pointers I’d like to share.

Tidy Tips to Garage Organization1. Look for Good Weather It’s no fun working through the garage on a cold, rainy day…so if possible, pick a warm, sunny day to pull everything out and get the garage cleaned up.2. Store your Summer Go-To’s in a Good Spot Too often we store our beach toys, lawn chairs and helmets in places that are either hard to get to or in a location that’s not easy to maintain. It doesn’t matter where you store them, as long as it’s a convenient place for you. Using wall hooks, large tote bins, or even a beach wagon can be great options for your grab n’ go summer gear.

3. Work Through One Section at a Time Feeling overwhelmed by going through the entire garage at once? No worries! Just focus on just one wall or corner of your garage one day at a time. If you stick with it, you’ll find that overwhelm lessens more and more.

4. Use those Walls I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to wall storage, but it is SO vital!  By getting items up off the ground, it not only frees up space, but creates much better functionality. There are a zillion options out there for utilizing garage wall space…like peg walls, tool tracks, ceiling racks and utility shelving; so by golly, use the walls!

An organized garage makes for an even better Summer… and who knows, maybe you’ll actually be able to park your car in there again! 😉

– Katie

Garage Decluttering 101 Tutorial


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