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Free your Fridge

Let’s get real for a moment. How many of us open up our fridge door to an inviting array of colorful fruits and veggies just ready to be enjoyed?

If you’re like me, with a busy family in tow, opening the fridge is more of a “what’s behind the mystery door” experience!

And that’s OKAY.

The reality is it’s hard to keep up with fridge maintenance, especially when the kids and spouse are involved.

This is when we need to set aside 30 minutes to do a little fridge rescue.

Tidy Tips for a Dreamy Fridge

  1. Take EVERYTHING out! Every single item in your fridge should be pulled out.

  2. Discard any unwanted or expired foods or containers.

  3. Wipe any sticky spots off containers and bottles.

  1. Wipe all shelves and drawers with hot, soapy water. Dry well.

  2. Restore foods and items in CLEAR CONTAINERS or Tupperware. Label if needed.

  3. Place food items with same or similar items. Logical categories are meats and cheeses, drinks, kids snack items, condiments, etc.

  4. Always face labels forward so they’re easy to read.

  5. Kids’ food items can be placed on lower shelves for easy access.


  1. Remove unnecessary packaging. This will save you so much space and give items more accessibility. If desired, place category of items in clear containers for ease of getting in and out.

  2. Remove veggies and fruit from the store baggies and after washing/drying, put in clear zip lock bags or clear containers. We want to see those beautiful, fresh colors!

  3. Use logic and convenience. It should make sense where you store your items. If it makes sense, most likely you’ll continue storing it where it should go.

  4. Clear out leftovers EVERY WEEK! We discard or eat our leftovers every Sunday.

  5. Set a reminder on your phone to do a complete fridge “clean-out” in 6 months. Your fridge will thank you, I promise!

Ready, Set, Go!  Your dreamy fridge is waiting for you to make it happen.



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