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First Day of School

Like most parents out there, going back to school feels more like a fresh new year than even New Years Day.

Why is that?

Because it’s an opportunity to create new routines and habits with your kids as they begin a new school year.

Don’t waste the opportunity and fall back into what you’ve always done. This is the perfect time to make change within yourself and your home.

We do this by making a plan, setting realistic goals, and taking baby steps each day to turn those goals into long-lasting habits.

Small steps like, taking 5 minutes before bed to get out your next day’s outfit, or writing down the top 3 to do’s you’d like to accomplish the next day. They may seem small, but do that everyday and you’ll experience huge results.

I can teach you how to do all that and more in my Simply Home Program that’s starting again NEXT MONTH! The first class starts October 3 and is the best time for you to get your home and lifestyle in order.

Watch our program walk-through video below to get an inside scoop of what the program is all about!

Note: Some parts of the program have changed since this video was filmed.It’s time to get your life in order… Let the learning begin!– Katie


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