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Feeling Overwhelmed this Christmas?

Christmas is coming, my friend...

How are you feeling so far?

It's about this time during the holiday craze that I either feel as if I'm soaring or sinking in preparations for the Christmas celebrations. 

If your soaring, then good for you! I hope you enjoy your holiday season and all it's magic, and continue to feel on top of things.

But... for those who feel like you're drowning, you are not alone! In fact, even with all my personal attempts to be more organized this Christmas, I still feel like I can't keep up with it all.

So, today I'd like to share a few simple ways to help aid you this holiday season, so that you can soar again and enjoy the special moments this time of year brings.

Tips to Soar During the Holidays

Grocery Pick-Up + Delivery Services: 

There's no shame in saving time by ordering your groceries and Christmas gifts online for pick-up or delivery. It's amazing how much energy and time it will give you when you make your shopping as convenient as possible.  Plus, most people spend less online grocery shopping than in the store, so you're saving money while you're at it too!

Family Traditions Pick n' Choose

It's tempting to stack up more and more holiday traditions each year, but I'd advise your family to gather and discuss your traditions and then ask each family member to share one activity or tradition they'd like to do. Memories will be made and your Christmas Season may be even more enjoyable if you simplify your traditions. 

Gift Wrapping Station

This is a must, especially for busy families. During the holidays, set up a simple gift wrapping corner in your home, where you can conveniently wrap gifts. Even a card table with a bin or laundry basket will help create a smoother gift wrapping experience.

Prioritize the Important Stuff

The amount of activities, events, and parties that happen during this time of year can be mind-boggling, so have your own back and make sure you are prioritizing what's most vital and important. If there's room for other things, then squeeze it in, but only when the priorities are focused on first. Write the most important events in your calendar and fill in any open slots rest with the small things that pop up, but remember, you always have a say in what you choose to add to your holiday season.

Let go of Homemade

This is a tough one...but you can say no to homemade. I love Grandma's homemade caramels as much as the next guy, but if you are drowning in too much, then take the homemade treats, cards, and crafts off your plate this year. Whether homemade or not, it really is the thought that counts with whatever you give. 


Didn't get that beautiful family photo and cards mailed out? No problem! Take a quick candid shot of the family, or snag a fun photo from your phone, and make a free holiday greeting card from Canva.  Send it by email or on social to all your family and friends.  They'll love it either way! And by the way, you don't even have to send out a card. Refreshing, isn't it?!

It's not about how much we can cramp into this season... It's about enjoying those special, simple moments that make this time of year so beautiful!


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